Wood Hunting

My fiance and I took a trip up to Greenham Common. It used to be an old USA Air Base, but was decommissioned in like, 95 I think? Forgive me, I’m no history buff so thats likely to be wrong.

We like to go walking together. Look for wildlife and explore places. And it’s a good a reason as any to look for crafting supplies.


There are these big ponds dotted all round the common. I think originally they were just pits that filled with rain water. I remember them from when I was a kid and there was no pond life in them to speak off. Just giant puddles. This one had a pack of 8 or dogs playing in it. They were very interested in us and came up and said borf at us for a while before returning to the water. Their people weren’t fussed by us so we said hello and carried on walking.


Came across a Mama Cow with two Calf’s. Mama wasn’t bothered by us at all and Chris stroked her. Babies didn’t really know what to make of us so kept their distance. There was a big old bull a ways away. We assumed he was Daddio so kept an eye on him, but he wasn’t fussed either. I suppose common cows see a lot of people and dogs and just keep to themselves. I think they’re super cute. I love cows.

We headed into the woods to look for some nice Birch logs that had already been cut down. There’s always piles of chopped down wood about up there so it didn’t take us long.


Fella bought himself a Japanese hand saw he’s been dying to play with, so we found a nice log and he set about cutting off some slices for me to use in my pyrography. Got 6 before he gave up! It was really hot though and looked like a log of work. I supervised from a nearby log and drank some juice.

They’re laid out in my garden now, drying out in the sun before I get to burning them. Don’t really have a set idea on whats going on them yet. I’m thinking some nice inspiration quotes? Maybe something geared towards mental health as that plays a huge role in my life. Who knows.

I’m sure I’ll keep you updated!



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