My Workspace

My desk is something that has always been super important to me. It’s my favourite place. Probably the only place that is all mine. AND a space I get to do whatever I like with.

I had a big tidy up today in order to make some more space so I can stock up on well, stock. I’ve had a couple of orders for custom burnt wooden boxes now, so it seems to me that keeping a few around is a good idea. But that’s not what this blog is about.

Lets take a tour!


This is my desk and main workspace. Very tidy for once. A rare occurrence, believe me. My desk is massive. Got it from Ikea years a go and its done me well. I’ve taken it with me everywhere I’ve lived. Its been dismantled and rebuilt more times than I can remember! Its not very clean mind. White was a poor choice. But its good. My desktop is actually running off my laptop that sits a dock so I can take it off and carry it about if I need too. Good stuff. Massive monitor. Birthday present from my man. I like to work split screen for a lot of digital stuff so having a superwide monitor is AMAZING. Wireless stuff for when my desk is so messy I need to use my keyboard on my lap.


This is the shelf above my desk. I just keep stuff I like here. Copic Markers, always useful. Pikachu. Pencil sharpener. Headphones. Majora’s Mask light box thing I made a few years ago. Little cauldron full of bits I might need. Knives, screwdrivers, keys, the usual.


This is my bookcase. It is at a right angle to my desk so a lot of desk stuff often spills over onto it when I’m being messy/lazy. Loadsa books (mostly Chris’) I have some artbooks on there. I mostly use my Kindle to read nowadays. Chris’ bottle of Corvoisier that’s older than he is (saving it for a special occasion). Lots of notebooks, all mine. I like the covers. Zelda shelf. Big cups on top shelf.


Zelda shelf you gasp! I’ve been collecting stuff from The Legend of Zelda series for years. I’m sure I have/had more, but it’s got walkies in various moves I think. That’s a heart container plate at the back. I love it. Wish I could use it. Stupid collectibles. Few of the hardback guides. Huge Dark Horse books. Weird fake PEZ dispenser. Some fabric map things. Manga’s. Figures. Sweatband. I think that’s about it.

20180813_185315 This is crafty cupboard.

Bottom shelf is roller-blades and skates. Various safety equipment. Above that is mostly important paperwork and things I’m supposed to keep a hold of because I’m a grown up now. I think there’s a bag of make up there as well that I hardly use.

Above that we have a random spare Xbox 360. Never know when you might need one. Spare laptop. Some more collectible stuff in boxes. Bunch of sandpaper and some packaging and postage stuff.

Then my toolbox! Pretty much ALL my crafting stuff is in there. I love him. Some cloths I use for staining and waxing. Box full of finished bits of jewelry currently for sale on Etsy.

Top shelf is wood bits. Some nice slices of Birch. Axe. Saw. Moegami waiting for a home and a random bottle of degreaser.

So that’s where I spend all my time when I’m not at work-work. I think it’s super important to have your own space and this is mine ❤


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