New Addition!

My  mental health isn’t great at the moment, and I’ve been signed off for a few weeks. Now I had planned to use the time crafting and trying not to worry about work, but plans changed very quickly.

Sunday afternoon, Sky came home with us. He is a 10 year old Orange-winged Amazon Parrot. An absolute darling if not a but fussy.


He used to belong to my (soon to be) father-in-law. We had a quick visit on Sunday morning where we found out they were planning to get rid of him. Now its been a dream of mine to own a parrot, so I immediately said we’d take him.

I don’t think he’s had much handling in the last few years. He was extreamly hand shy when we got him home and wouldn’t even take treats from us. Monday I discovered he likes it when you sing to him, and he had a dance, promptly climbed out of his cage, and sat on my shoulder for a bit! This was a huge step! He was a bit unsure of Chris for an extra day, but soon decided he liked him too. He has pretty much free reign over our room when we are here. And we bought him a new much bigger cage for him to sleep in.


This is his ‘room’. It used to be an old built in wardrobe. One that’s not had a front on it for as long as I can remember. It was full of crap, so we had a good clear out and moved the room around so there’s more space for him.

Cage came today and I spent the afternoon building it. Now that’s done and he is settling in hopefully I’ll get some crafting done next week!


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