Studying with OCA

For those of you that don’t know, back in February of this year, I started studying for my BA(Hons) Graphic Design. I’ll be honest.. it hasn’t gone well. I lost all motivation for it a few months back when my mental health started to deteriorate and I didn’t physically have the energy to manage that and working full time. I’m currently signed off work for that very reason, and decided that a step towards improving my mental health would be to sort this out.

After some careful consideration, I’ve decided to switch from Graphic Design to Illustration. It was always my dream to study Illustration and even went to Falmouth Uni for an interview, but alas, didn’t get in. Since then its kind of taken a back seat to real life. One of my deciding factors in originally choosing Graphic Design was that I was working in a marketing role, and I had it in my head that Graphic Design was more marketable as as a career path.

Since then, things have changed. I have met a wonderful man that fully supports my passions, (weather they’re marketable or not) we’re getting married next year, we’re saving for a canal boat AND we have a Parrot! I’ve come to the realisation that I shouldn’t be spending my life trying to do the things that I think people want me to do, and that is it actually ok to do some things just for myself.

For regular readers, you’ll notice a new menu option at the top of the page ‘OCA Learning Log’. We’re required to keep a learning log documenting all work and research we do for our tutors as everything is online. Click the link if you’re interested in seeing what I’m up to. I mean, soon. At the moment there’s nothing there. But I’ll be updating it as soon as I can, and probably more often than I do here. Ooops!

I’m feeling better. Not good, but better. I’m hoping making steps to sort this all out, and focus on something I enjoy will help. And obviously I’ll keep the various crafts and wood burning coming.

Thanks for reading




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