Have you met Sky?

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will have no doubt been introduced to Sky already. For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure, Sky is a parrot. An Orange-winged Amazon Parrot to be exact!


We sort of, inherited him a few months back and I couldn’t be more happy. He originally belonged to Chris’ Dad, but they wanted rid of him. He spent all his time in a small cage getting terrorized by the dog, and pretty much did nothing but squawk and pull his feathers out.

The photo above is from a few days after we bought him home. You can see the poor regrowth of his belly fluff where he damaged the follicles from plucking.

The first thing we did was get him a new cage. Its about twice the size of his old one and is actually designed for bigger parrots like Sky.


There’s an old built in wardrobe in our room that hasn’t been used as a wardrobe in about 20 years. We gutted it, painted it white to he’s have some light, and painted his name on it, because we are ridiculous.

The cage is on wheels so can be wheeled out for cleaning. The perch going across the whole thing can be removed as well.

We’ve added a whole bunch more perches and ropes and things in there for his to play with now. Not that he really plays with much. He has started chewing up cardboard and things now, which is good, as it means he’s actually behaving like a parrot now.

Second thing we did was fix his diet. He was on one of those bagged seed mixes you get from pet shops that are generic and actually really bad for bird. They’re made up of essentially just nuts and seeds, which are really fatty. And parrots have a habit of going through it and just picking out the bits they like, so there’s no way to make sure they’re getting a nutritious diet. We introduced him to loads of new fruit and veggies. Peas, sweetcorn and apples are his favourite, but he’ll eat any veg as long as we are eating it as well. Amazons are social eaters, so really enjoy having their dinner with you when you have yours. Its cute. he usually gets his own little bowl of veggies, but would usually rather have them off your plate.

We switched him over to a complete parrot pellet diet. These are really good as they contain ALL the nutrients and minerals that a parrot needs, so you don’t have to supplement his dinner with anything else. Veggies are just a bonus.


He’s also very talkative. Some of his favourite things to say are:

  • Hello
  • Hello darlin’
  • Hello boy
  • You alright?
  • Whatcha doin?
  • Clever bird
  • Pretty bird
  • Yeah?

He will quite happily chat nonsense to himself, and if you say something along the lines of ‘is that so?’ he’ll reply ‘yeah’. Again, pretty cute.

40752486_10160709207315263_4551078455013277696_nThis was the first time he sat on my shoulder. You can see how bad his belly was here as well. Only took him a day to settle and ‘step up’. He’s a little hand shy still, unless you’re Chris. Chris is his favourite person and the only person permittled to give him head skritchies. He often tries to use head skritchies to get out of stepping up, and will instead grab Chris’ finger and put it on his head. This is usually when he knows its bedtime and he has to get back in his cage.


He’s mostly a free range parrot. When we’re in the house hes out of his cage and does what he wants. He enjoys a fly around. He loves music and will ‘sing’ with you and do a little dance. Of course his idea of singing is squaking as loudly as your singing whilst headbanging, but is still cute.


Here he is with his favourite person. You can see his belly feathers coming in here. They’re still a bit all over the place but are coming in nice and green.


He’s about 10 years old. Amazons generally live to about 50, so we have some good times with him to come. I’m really glad we were able to rehome this little dinosaur, and I love him loads. We’re already thinking about adopting more, but will probably leave that until we’re a bit more settled and have our own place.

He seems much happier and healthier now than when we got him, and I hope that’s the case. He’s a special birb and he deserves the best out of life, and we fully plan on giving him just that!


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