About Asha

My name is Asha. Named for the younger Princess in the 80′ Ewok cartoon.

I am currently studying towards my BA (hons) Illustration Degree, working part time as an Office Administrator, and living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

My dream is to be able to one day work full time as an illustrator. Whether this means freelancing once I am confident enough in my work, or making a career change professionally, I honestly don’t yet know.

I love working with ink, specifically black Indian Ink. My love for it was found recently, and I am inspired by so many other current artists. I hope with practice I will one day be as good as they are. Digital art is my second love. I love how diverse it is and its many different applications. This is another aspect of my art I am working in improving as I work through my course.

My fiance Chris, our parrot Sky and I would all like to thank you for taking the time to have a look at my website. Any feedback, critical or otherwise is always appreciated. I am always looking to improve, and your views, comments and feedback all help me to become a better artist, and help us all to work towards our dreams.

Thank you

– Asha

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As a distance learner, I don’t get access to grants etc for study supplies and reading lists. Your donations will help me source the supplies I need, pay for books I need, and support my creation of personal work in my spare time.

Your patronage will also act as the motivation I need when I’m struggling to be creative during The Bad Times. Knowing that there are people supporting me and waiting to see my work is an indescribable feeling. Art is all I’ve ever wanted to do and you will be helping me achieve this.