I’m Asha, I’m 30 and have finally decided to start working towards my degree. I have studied Art and Design in the past and have a level 3 BTEC. I’ve done a few free courses online in Design and Marketing as well. I currently work as an Office Admin full time, but am currently signed off due to a long-term mental health issue.

I live with my fiance at my parents while we save for a place of our own.. a canal boat!

I will be studying mostly in the evenings as this is when I am most productive, but will also be fitting little bits into lunch breaks and travel time and basically any spare time I have around work.
I used to be good with Photoshop, and more recently InDesign but I’m a little out of practice now so will need to reteach myself that.

I think that’s it about me. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch

– Asha

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As a distance learner, I don’t get access to grants etc for study supplies and reading lists. Your donations will help me source the supplies I need, pay for books I need, and support my creation of personal work in my spare time. My hope is to eventually Illustrate full time, creating different tiers and exclusive content including making of videos, work in progress, and patron requests.

Your patronage will also act as the motivation I need when I’m struggling to be creative during The Bad Times. Knowing that there are people supporting me and waiting to see my work is an indescribable feeling. Art is all I’ve ever wanted to do and you will be helping me achieve this.