Being Brave and Selling My Art

Confidence is something I definitely do not have. I’ve never believed in myself or my work and really struggle when it comes to receiving compliments or criticism. In my mind, if someone says something is good, they just feel sorry for me and are lying to make me feel better, or alternatively, if someone says something negative, its the end of the world and I should just stop drawing altogether.

THIS is something I am working on this year. I want to be more positive, and more proactive. I’ve updated my Etsy shop to now sell prints, working with the company Twofifteen who offer drop shipping at a really reasonable price.

I mean, worst thing that happens is they sit there and I don’t sell anything and have to pay the monthly Etsy charges, or I sell something.

So in an effort to raise my confidence, I am selling original artwork prints. Some are completely original designs, and some are fan art from video games and the like.


My shop is AshaFreemantleArt, super original. A lot of thought went into it (not).

I hope if nothing else you have a look. And yes, I am looking for feedback on ways to improve, without it destroying my soul. I want to get better at my craft. I want to make my friends and family proud that I am actually accomplishing something with my shop. And all proceeds go towards my partner and I’s dream of owning and living aboard a Narrow Boat.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. It’s an important one for me. It’s not about creating more sales or marketing myself or whatever. This time its just about taking a step and putting myself out there. If I fail, I fail. But I’ll get back up. And I’ll try harder. And eventually I will succeed and be a bonafide Illustrator.

Asha x


New Year, Same Me

So there’s the big cliche of making a new start in the new year.. Mines a little late.

January so far has been a right shitter. A whole bunch of bad stuff happened, and I’ve generally been a miserable cow. Now its almost out of the way I’ve decided to start trying to better myself, mentally and physically.

I’ve been working a lot more on my degree the past few weeks. Even though I’m shockingly tired all the time thanks to the M.E, I am finding that having a genuine, vested interest in the subject matter has made me actually want to do more. Its working well at the moment as I’m working part time. I finish at 2, come home, rest/nap for a couple of hours then pick it up in the evening. It’ll be interesting to see if I can cope once I have to go back to full time.

Wedding planning is coming along nicely! So we have the venue.. Which is actually at a bike rally hosted by my families bike club (fiance and dad are both members), we have the celebrant booked, and the registry office is booked. We want a big fancy bell tent for the weekend since we’ll be there from the Thursday to the Sunday/Monday, and I don’t want to attempt getting ready in a two man tent! There’ll be live bands, food, drinks and bikes. Super exciting. I was never interested in getting married so I’ve never had any plans for it. This is entirely for Chris. I’d be happy down the registry office with a couple of witnesses, but you can’t win them all.

hq poster

Another MASSIVE cliche I shall be partaking of, is losing weight! I’m joining slimming world with my Mum next week. I haven’t weighed myself since I moved out of my flat and back into my parents with Chris, and everyone tells me I haven’t put any on, but I feel massive and unhealthy. I imagine the M.E plays a big part of it, and like, the fact that I hate every single part of me, but I don’t want to be huge at my wedding. Not when there’ll be photographic evidence. Usually I can avoid ever seeing photo’s of myself, but I suppose I’ll have to see these ones eventually.

Birb Update! He’s still a twat. He’s literally obsessed with stealing any people food he can get his beak into, but I hear that’s not an uncommon trait. His feathers and beak are a lot better now. Much healthier. We’ve started sticking him in the shower with us whenever we shower, since his idea of a wash is sticking his face in his water bowl and flapping around. Its brought his green out beautifully! I doubt he’s ever had a proper shower before so it’s taking a little time to get him used to it, but it’s pretty funny. He likes to sing and wolf whistle, which is a nice little confidence boost when you’re nakey 😉

So those are my plans for Feb onwards. I just want to be healthier and generally happier. I mean, I;m not unhappy, just unhappy with myself.

Things will get better!

Remembering 2018

2018 was a good year for me (mostly). I had a few medical issues I’m still working on. I was off work for a while and had to reduce my hours permanently. At the beginning of the year my Mum was in hospital and ended up having spinal surgery. It took a good few months for her to recover. My Dad actually hasn’t had any major medical issues this year, which is nice! He’s missing an arm and has a bunch of other problems so it’s nice that there isn’t anything to report on than front!

Me and Chris spent our first year together! We got engaged and he moved into my parents with me when the lease on my flat ended so we can save save save. Neither of us are cut out for the rat race and ideally would like to get as off grid as we can in the UK. So for us that means saving for a canal boat! We know it might not be how we live forever. He’d like kids so if I ever agree to that we’ll probably have to live in an actual house at some point. But we figure when it gets to that, we can sell the boat and will already have a nice little deposit for a house.

I started my BA (hons) Illustration with the Open College of the Arts. Well, actually I started on Graphic Design, but decided after 6 months or so it wasn’t for me, and switched. I’m now playing catch up, but I’m enjoying the content a lot more and am trying to make an effort to connect with other students. Distance learning is really hard, and lonely. And I’m always afraid I’m doing it all wrong. But I can only do my best. And obsess over it all the time.

I managed to make it to a year in my current job. It’s always difficult for me to stay in a job for more than a couple of years. I have a depressive episode and I’m really down for months at a time, or the anxiety kicks in and I can’t leave the house because I spent the previous night going through EVERYTHING that could go wrong that day. But apart from a few small blips, I’m coping ok. My manager is a good one and they understand so that helps.

More recently my Nan has been in and out of hospital. COPD. She went in on Christmas day for the last time. She made it through to 2019 and died at 12.15 on January 1st. Not going to lie, I’m not dealing with it. Like, at all. My family are upset. I can’t imagine how my Mum and Grandad feel. I’m not good with feelings, mine or other peoples, and feel terrible about not being able to help them. I come off as cold and uncaring, and don’t do myself any favours by avoiding everyone because of it. I just don’t want to upset people more than they already are because of my apparent un-caring-ness. I do care. I am upset. It’s horrible. I hate it. So it’s better off I hide away and try and do what I can when no one is around.

2019 may have started off horrendously, but there are some good things to look forward to this year.

I have an appointment with a rhumatologist in March. I have a working diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or M.E. I’m super tired, all the time, no matter what. I’m also in a lot of pain, everywhere, for no reason, so that’s really fun. Rhumatologist with either confirm the diagnosis or give me a new one. Admittedly I’m worried its arthritis. But if it is, what can you do? I’ll live with it.

Our wedding is in June! We have done almost zero planning! Should be good! I’m just looking forward to marrying Chris. I don’t care about the wedding. All I need is him.

Saving like crazy for a boat. Who knows, we might even save enough that we can start looking for one by the end of the year! It will be amazing to have our own home. And we’re both willing to put in the work to make it amazing.

Anyway, I’ll cut the super long post off there. It’s a bit of an emotional one for me really. There are a lot of feelings happening that I don’t know what to do with. I’m not a writer, so this is in no way a good log of my year or emotions, and I don’t feel like drawing right now. Tomorrow I’ll try something new. Maybe try and do some Uni work. I dunno.

I’ll figure it out.

Illustration 1: Key Steps in Illustration – Assignment 1 – Say Hello Self Assessment

When first starting this assignment, I struggled with the brief a little. It specifies the were to create a greetings card, but the content of the card is so vast that it doesn’t actually seem to be what were being asked for at all. It could be any size, include and materials, and could be made in any way. I did a little secondary research into greetings cards, and I just couldn’t make the connection. Greetings cards seem to have a direct point or are for a specific occasion. Introducing yourself didn’t appear to be one of them. I think that this particular assignment would have benefitted from a change of wording. Perhaps instead of a greeting card, a postcard would have been more suitable. But I digress.

The actual content of the card I had some issues with. I couldn’t find any inspiration, and the idea’s I did want to tackle were perhaps a bit too ambitious to be crammed on to a card. I took a week or so to just draw. Doing some new sketches and getting comfortable with colour composition and some new tech I had recently bought. I did it all digitally as its the medium I am most comfortable with. I have spoken to a few other students at OCA and it appears I am not alone in this regard. It does mean that when I draw, I need to make a conscious effort to stop and save the sketch before inking and colouring them. I think when it comes to submitting assignments for formal grading, the general consensus is that we can print everything and bind it into a book of some sort.

I find it really difficult to speak about myself, my likes and dislikes without being negative. My first objective was to break my attributes down without bias. I figured the best way to do this was by spider diagram. I use these pretty regularly so I’m no stranger to them. I was still a little negative when it came to things about my health and looks, so I decided to focus only on good points, and include these in my image design.

For my final image, I actually re-used an old rough drawing I had used previously when I originally started studying Graphic Design, before the switch to Illustration. Since then though, my art style seems to have changed significantly so I redid it and changed a few things. There were however a lot of things I missed from my spider diagram. Almost everything. Instead I focused on video games, colours, food and films as the things I like.

I’m happy with my decision to use a rough digital marker for the line work and colour. My aim was to give the image a childlike quality, hoping to convey my own childishness and love of bold lines and bright colours. I could have made it a lot cleaner, with perfect lines and better anatomy, but that’s just not me. I’m very much a ‘that’ll do’ or ‘close enough’ sort of person. It’s not a great quality to have and perhaps one that I should focus on improving, but it’s gotten me this far.

The colours I chose were intended to complement each other. Purple as the background, yellow behind the character. I think perhaps the colour shades were a little off. They both could have been brighter to really draw each other out. Looking at it now, I realise there are small details I forgot to colour completely. This is pretty typical of my work. I am not good at noticing small details like this, and often rely on other people checking my work before submission.

For my display method, I again chose to go digital. I realise the brief specifies that the final image was to be printed and made into a physical card, however I thought that as an illustrator, a lot of the work I will potentially do in the future will be presented to clients as digital mock ups. I’m happy with my choice of mock ups, showing both the main image on the front of the card, and the text introducing myself within. The text was a bit of a struggle as I have already spoken to Laura, my tutor on many occasions as she was also my tutor for Graphic Design before the switch to Illustration, and the first assignment was very similar.

Overall I’d give this assignment a 6/10, and my work a 7/10. As previously mentioned, the brief wasn’t very clear, and has some conflicting ideas. I think this can be improved with better working perhaps, or a slightly different final piece other than a ‘greetings card’.

I’m relatively happy with my work. I think the quality is good, and the content is meaningful. If I didn’t feel so constrained by the term ‘greeting card’ I think I could have done more with it. I was perhaps a little afraid of putting too much detail in an image and losing it when it was shrunk down to A5, a more traditional greetings card size. I think my backup work and build up to the final image were thorough enough. Admittedly I could have done some more designs and different variations. My biggest issue creatively is having an initial idea and not being able to stray too far from it. I’m hoping this is something I will be able to improve throughout this course.

You can see everything I did for Illustration 1: Key Steps in Illustration and Assignment 1 – Say Hello here.

As always any feedback or constructive criticism are welcome.

Christmas Crafting!

So this year Chris and I are absolutely brassic. With my drop in work hours, paying work back for over-payments, and trying to save for a boat we just got nothing to spare. With all this is mind, we decided it might be nice if we made everyone something this year. We worked it all out and had 30+ people to buy for. After doing some math’s we worked out I could get all the supplies I needed for that many gifts for around £100. This is obviously a lot cheaper that spending around £20 on everyone!

Craft of choice this year was soap making! I’ve never done it, but I figured like, how hard could it be!


I went with the old melt-and-pour option, a Shea Butter option. This is purely because me and Chris are scared of lye, which I think is a healthy fear to have considering it’ll melt your face off if given the chance. And we don’t have time to wait for everything to cure, which I think can take months. And I have no idea how to actually make cold process soap. So there’s that.

Immediately I snapped a knife in half trying to cut it up, so switched to a bigger knife. That helped.

Basically everyone gets their own smelly. I was going to felt them, so they’d be all pretty and self-flanneling, but I tried it with a couple and it just takes too long. I had been standing for about 3 hours by this point as well, and for those of you that don’t know, I’ve been diagnosed with ME/CFS by my GP (though that could change again in March as I have a Rheumatology specialist appt :/ ) but I’ve been struggling a lot with leg pain, and nothing I take seems to help. So that idea got scrapped. It does mean now I have a kilo of wool roving and nothing to do with it. Typical.


I made these cute little labels a month or so ago in inDesign. I think they’re cute. I wear glasses and he has a big ol’ beard, together we make 1 whole hipster, hence the images on there.

I’m relatively happy with the turn out. There’s 3 I need to re-do but the rest are ok. I feel bad since they’re so small, but I’m hoping people will understand our plight and appreciate that they were hand made.

How’s everyone else’s Christmas planning coming?

iPad and Procreate

For those of you that follow me on social media, you should know by now that I recently got myself and iPad Pro. I did have a big, clunky Ugee tablet, it just didn’t work for me how I wanted it to. After speaking to a couple of my artist friends, I decided to invest in an iPad Pro. There are a few reasons the Ugee didn’t work for me. Firstly, it took up too much space on my desk. Secondly, I could ONLY use it at my desk. In my house I can’t always be at my desk just because other people need the space as well, so this limited time I could be drawing.

‘‘Why not use paper?’ I hear you yell. I just don’t like it. I’ve always preferred digital. The iPad means I can carry it around, draw whenever I want, and even use it for other things. I’m writing this blog on it right now.

now the 2nd gen Pro’s with the Apple Pencil rack up about 800 beans. I paid 319 for mine. How? It’s second hand. And from CEX so I traded in a bunch of stuff to go towards it as well. My old Ugee tablet, some old DS games, and a whole mess of DVDs I don’t watch anymore. Managed to save myself some money.

I would not however recommend using CEX online. They are terrible. Go in store if you’ve got something to trade. It took nearly a month for them to sort out my payment and things.

Anyway. Back to the iPad. The pencil is stupid expensive. Even second hand it cost 70 quid. But it is annoyingly good. It’s got a good weight to it. And the rubber tip gives just enough friction it really feels like you’re drawing. Really impressed with it. Only downside I can come up with is that there’s no way to see how much charge the pencil has until it dies. So that’s rubbish. But apart from that all good!

Procreate is also good. It’s 9.99 from the App Store. I haven’t done a lot with it yet, just a doodle and a sketch or two, but it’s fairly intuitive and nice to work with. When I have some time I fully intend so sit and watch some tutorials and download some extra brushes.

I drew this:

Created in Procreate on IPad Pro

This was just a warm up using the basic pencil setting. I reckon without too much scrutiny you get away with this being ‘traditional’ art. It also automatically records time lapses, which is amazing, and really useful since I’m doing my degree in illustration and submit most things digitally. I’m sure seeing my work being done will earn me some extra brownie points!

All in all I’m pretty impressed with it. And I’m even more impressed with myself for getting it all without giving apple too much money. They don’t anymore. I’m a starving artist, not them!

Does anyone else use this set up for artwork? If so what are your thoughts on it? Are there any other apps I should be looking at to complement Procreate? Leave me a comment!

The C-word

With Christmas around the corner, I thought I’d talk about what that means to me. I come from a completely non-religious family, so it’s certainly not about that for me. I think the most ‘religousy’ thing I’ve ever done for Christmas was when I was still in Primary School and sang in the school choir. There’s a massive church in my home town and we did a thing there. It was pretty cool. But only in the sense that it mean I got to stay up late and the lights were all awesome. I wasn’t filled with any holy light or anything, it was just fun.

Nowadays it’s an excuse for the family to all be in one place at a time, usually my parents, open presents, eat loadsa food and just generally hang out. Me and Chris are already living at my parents while we save for our boat, but both my younger sisters are away now. Hayleigh, the middle sister lives and works in Bournemouth, and Cleona, the baby has recently started Uni at Oxford Brookes. My Nan and Grandad will most likely be over as well which is nice.

Normally, and if I have money, I am AWESOME at buying gifts. And I mean literally amazing. I always find cool stuff. This year however with money being an issue Chris and I have opted to make our gifts, which means I’ll be making them, and he will provide moral support. Weirdly I’ve decided to try something new for gifts, instead of what I already do. I want to enjoy making them and not have it feel like work. Hopefully I will have enough time and energy to get them all done, because there is a lot this year.

I’m also doing something new this Christmas, and going to Chris’ Mum’s for dinner! A couple of Christmas’s ago I spent it away from my Family, and it suuuuucked, so I’m a little apprehensive about it, but Chris’ family are all cool and I like seeing them, so I reckon it should be good. Will just be weird not having Christmas dinner with my fam, but we’re spending the morning with them still, which is good.

I know plans can change, but this is what we have planned so far. It’s Sky’s first Christmas with us as well, and since he’s pretty smart and sulks if he doesn’t get enough attention, we’ll have to come up with a way to keep him entertained as well. Should be interesting.

So whats your plans for Christmas? Staying at home? Visiting family? Or something completely different? I’m always interested to hear what other peoples traditions are so shoot me a comment and let me know!


Me and ME

Over the last few months I’ve been undergoing loads of blood tests and been to a billion doctors appointments. My blood shows something but doctors don’t know what, so I’m being referred to a specialist for that. I’ve also been told I have ME (Myalgic encephalomyelitis), also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, likely brought on by a viral infection I had back in May.

Since the diagnosis not much has change really. There’s not a whole lot that can be done apart from pacing and managing the symptoms. I am not good at pacing and will continuously push myself too far, mostly due to guilt. I can’t say no, and I always feel like I need to ‘keep up’ with everyone else. And I’m generally too scared to actually ask for the help and take the breaks I need. It’s hard. I also feel like people don’t take me or ME seriously as an illness and when I say I’m hurting or I’m tired, I get a lot of ‘awww, poor baby’ responses. It just makes me feel bad and I’ll carry on pushing despite being asked if I’m ok. It can lead to me doing damage to myself and genuinely not being able to function for a few days

‘Brain fog’ has been a bit of an issue for me as well. Forgetting words, forgetting doing things. Little things that throw me off. Trying to type and forgetting how to spell things, what order the letters go in. Drifting out of focus only to look back at my screen and I’ve typed a paragraph I don’t remember doing. It’s….odd. And embarrassing. I also can’t remember people’s names at work, and its even harder when I’m put on the spot or in a meeting or something. I don’t like it.

I’ve joined some self-help groups for ME sufferers on FB and they’ve been a good place for me to get advice on looking after myself and making a start on pacing, so that’s good. I don’t think there’s a lot of help out there for us so it’s down to us to look after ourselves and each other.

For those that are interested, this is a list of my current symptoms:

  • exhaustion, like, constantly. For no reason. No matter how much I sleep
  • back hurts
  • hips hurt
  • knees hurt
  • hands hurt
  • brain isn’t working
  • cant concentrate
  • cant find the right words
  • dry mouth
  • palpatations
  • confusion

All super fun things! Not to mention I’m still at work while dealing with this. I took a day off today as its a particularly bad one, and I’m terrified of my back to work meeting.

For those of you unable to comprehend a chronic illness, especially one based around energy consumption and pacing, the ‘Spoonie Theory’ is a good explanation of it.

The spoon theory is a disability metaphor and neologism used to explain the reduced amount of energy available for activities of living and productive tasks that may result from disability or chronic illness. … A person who runs out of spoons has no choice but to rest until their spoons are replenished.

Basically, we have a set number of spoons to use a day. Go to work? Uses 5 spoons. Shower? 2 spoons. Cook something to eat? 3 spoons. Eventually you run out of spoons and all you can do is rest until you get some back. In tough situations you can ‘borrow’ spoons from the next day. But you have to bear in mind that you will then have to get through the next day with LESS spoons to start with. At the moment, nearly all my spoons go on work. If its a stressful or busy day, it costs more. Every activity cost something, and I’m trying to learn how to pick and choose the ones that are important. Its difficult. And I’m not very good at it. But I’m hoping I’ll get better at it.

Anyway. Sorry if this particular post makes not much sense. I’m doing my best on minimal spoons. I have spent nearly all day asleep. Its taken me an hour to type so it’s all you’re getting!

If anyone has any questions about it, or any fellow spoonies can point me in the direction of any good blogs or self-help stuff I’d appreciate it.

A x

Have you met Sky?

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will have no doubt been introduced to Sky already. For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure, Sky is a parrot. An Orange-winged Amazon Parrot to be exact!


We sort of, inherited him a few months back and I couldn’t be more happy. He originally belonged to Chris’ Dad, but they wanted rid of him. He spent all his time in a small cage getting terrorized by the dog, and pretty much did nothing but squawk and pull his feathers out.

The photo above is from a few days after we bought him home. You can see the poor regrowth of his belly fluff where he damaged the follicles from plucking.

The first thing we did was get him a new cage. Its about twice the size of his old one and is actually designed for bigger parrots like Sky.


There’s an old built in wardrobe in our room that hasn’t been used as a wardrobe in about 20 years. We gutted it, painted it white to he’s have some light, and painted his name on it, because we are ridiculous.

The cage is on wheels so can be wheeled out for cleaning. The perch going across the whole thing can be removed as well.

We’ve added a whole bunch more perches and ropes and things in there for his to play with now. Not that he really plays with much. He has started chewing up cardboard and things now, which is good, as it means he’s actually behaving like a parrot now.

Second thing we did was fix his diet. He was on one of those bagged seed mixes you get from pet shops that are generic and actually really bad for bird. They’re made up of essentially just nuts and seeds, which are really fatty. And parrots have a habit of going through it and just picking out the bits they like, so there’s no way to make sure they’re getting a nutritious diet. We introduced him to loads of new fruit and veggies. Peas, sweetcorn and apples are his favourite, but he’ll eat any veg as long as we are eating it as well. Amazons are social eaters, so really enjoy having their dinner with you when you have yours. Its cute. he usually gets his own little bowl of veggies, but would usually rather have them off your plate.

We switched him over to a complete parrot pellet diet. These are really good as they contain ALL the nutrients and minerals that a parrot needs, so you don’t have to supplement his dinner with anything else. Veggies are just a bonus.


He’s also very talkative. Some of his favourite things to say are:

  • Hello
  • Hello darlin’
  • Hello boy
  • You alright?
  • Whatcha doin?
  • Clever bird
  • Pretty bird
  • Yeah?

He will quite happily chat nonsense to himself, and if you say something along the lines of ‘is that so?’ he’ll reply ‘yeah’. Again, pretty cute.

40752486_10160709207315263_4551078455013277696_nThis was the first time he sat on my shoulder. You can see how bad his belly was here as well. Only took him a day to settle and ‘step up’. He’s a little hand shy still, unless you’re Chris. Chris is his favourite person and the only person permittled to give him head skritchies. He often tries to use head skritchies to get out of stepping up, and will instead grab Chris’ finger and put it on his head. This is usually when he knows its bedtime and he has to get back in his cage.


He’s mostly a free range parrot. When we’re in the house hes out of his cage and does what he wants. He enjoys a fly around. He loves music and will ‘sing’ with you and do a little dance. Of course his idea of singing is squaking as loudly as your singing whilst headbanging, but is still cute.


Here he is with his favourite person. You can see his belly feathers coming in here. They’re still a bit all over the place but are coming in nice and green.


He’s about 10 years old. Amazons generally live to about 50, so we have some good times with him to come. I’m really glad we were able to rehome this little dinosaur, and I love him loads. We’re already thinking about adopting more, but will probably leave that until we’re a bit more settled and have our own place.

He seems much happier and healthier now than when we got him, and I hope that’s the case. He’s a special birb and he deserves the best out of life, and we fully plan on giving him just that!

I’m the Whittlin’ (wo)Man!!

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m sort of in to wood work and wood crafting. Whilst my current living situation (fiance and I are at my parents :/ ) limits what I can learn, I try and learn as much as I can with the tools and space I have. If you’re here you should already know I do a lot of wood burning and pyrography. I’ve done this for years but have only recently started selling bits and pieces online. I’m very unsure of myself and have zero confidence in my abilities, so the fact that people are actually paying money for my work is awesome! Admittedly I don’t do an awful lot of it anymore. And my shop might get one new item every month or so, but I do it around work, studying for a degree in Illustration and having a (potentially) chronic illness. More on that in a later post.

Something I’ve always wanted to try, but have never gotten around to, is wood carving. My Uncle Ian is a well established and successful wood sculptor, and some of his work is amazing. Check it out here. We don’t talk very often unfortunately. He’s a busy man and has some very young kids so we see him maybe once a year. I’ve tried reaching out to him a few times about going to wood carving festivals with him, or sourcing good wood for wood burning, but I never get anything back from him. I know he’s not really a techy person, so I don’t take it personally. He’s just probably not seen my messages. But irregardless of all that, I figured I would just give it a go!


So despite today actually being my fiances birthday, we went to our local Axeminster and got me a couple of knives. Chris grew up in the country so whittled as a kid and knows his way around axes and knives. He’s going to show me how to sharpen them properly, and what wood is good to use. He’ll also show me the basics and how to do it safely so I don’t immediately cut my fingers off. Chris is very skilled in, well skills, but confesses he lacks the creativity to actually make anything with them. He’s super supportive of me though, and thinks that me eventually leaving my job and crafting/studying full time is a great idea. I doubt I would ever actually do that though. Not having a guaranteed income terrifies me haha.

I’m looking forward to trying something new. And am hoping it means eventually I can expand the contents of my Etsy Shop to some hand carved pieces. I already have a few ideas for some simple necklaces and keyrings, but I’m trying not to get a head of myself just yet.

Progress may be slow, but I am still here. Still crafting. Still working. Still living.