The C-word

With Christmas around the corner, I thought I’d talk about what that means to me. I come from a completely non-religious family, so it’s certainly not about that for me. I think the most ‘religousy’ thing I’ve ever done for Christmas was when I was still in Primary School and sang in the school choir. There’s a massive church in my home town and we did a thing there. It was pretty cool. But only in the sense that it mean I got to stay up late and the lights were all awesome. I wasn’t filled with any holy light or anything, it was just fun.

Nowadays it’s an excuse for the family to all be in one place at a time, usually my parents, open presents, eat loadsa food and just generally hang out. Me and Chris are already living at my parents while we save for our boat, but both my younger sisters are away now. Hayleigh, the middle sister lives and works in Bournemouth, and Cleona, the baby has recently started Uni at Oxford Brookes. My Nan and Grandad will most likely be over as well which is nice.

Normally, and if I have money, I am AWESOME at buying gifts. And I mean literally amazing. I always find cool stuff. This year however with money being an issue Chris and I have opted to make our gifts, which meansĀ I’ll be making them, and he will provide moral support. Weirdly I’ve decided to try something new for gifts, instead of what I already do. I want to enjoy making them and not have it feel like work. Hopefully I will have enough time and energy to get them all done, because there is a lot this year.

I’m also doing something new this Christmas, and going to Chris’ Mum’s for dinner! A couple of Christmas’s ago I spent it away from my Family, and it suuuuucked, so I’m a little apprehensive about it, but Chris’ family are all cool and I like seeing them, so I reckon it should be good. Will just be weird not having Christmas dinner with my fam, but we’re spending the morning with them still, which is good.

I know plans can change, but this is what we have planned so far. It’s Sky’s first Christmas with us as well, and since he’s pretty smart and sulks if he doesn’t get enough attention, we’ll have to come up with a way to keep him entertained as well. Should be interesting.

So whats your plans for Christmas? Staying at home? Visiting family? Or something completely different? I’m always interested to hear what other peoples traditions are so shoot me a comment and let me know!